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Industry sector: Formation et emploi maritimes

Regions: Rhône-Alpes

Contact: François MAYOR

Fonction : Directeur

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Phone: +33(0) 474 200 240

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Since 1967, the Port Revel Shiphandling Training Centre has been used for manned model training of thousands of pilots, masters and officers.

The courses are provided by highly experienced instructors: former maritime pilots.

The SHIPHANDLING COURSE: applies to pilots, masters and chief mates.

The REFRESHER COURSE: applies to masters and pilots who, having already attended manned models, want to perfect their professional knowledge after a few years practice (e.g. with tugs or pods). Some tailored exercises can be performed.

The ships are accurately constructed at scale 1:25 and are fitted with indicators showing rudder angle, propeller rpm, ship speed, wind speed, etc. Most ships are fitted with bow and stern thrusters, and with movable anchors. The fleet reproduces 22 different vessels, including two ships with pods.

Five escort tugs are available. Three of them have Voith Schneider propulsion, one fitted with a carrousel; the last tug has a Z-peller system. The tugs are remote controlled by a tug master at the pilot’s orders.

The wind regime on the 5 ha lake is very mild. The lake features extensive shallow water areas, channels, a Suez-sized canal and many berths. It also includes wave, wind and current generators.

A very accurate track recording system is also available. Ship positions and headings are sent to the base along with data on rudder angle, rpm, wind speed and direction, ship speed, etc. You can use also a PPU iot train or debrief.

50 years of experience have shown that trainees quickly get the feel of their models in the same way as the real ships they are accustomed to handling.