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Company: GEOMOD

Industry sector: Services informatiques et électroniques


Contact: Claude YVON

Fonction : Gérant

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Phone: +33(0)6 73 86 91 59

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For over ten years, Geomod has been developing software solutions around standard cartographic products, including electronic charts (ENC, AMLs), for navigation or GIS purpose. To maintain its expertise on standardized products, Geomod is involved in IMO-IHO Working Groups responsible for the development of these standards.

Geomod is the editor of the following software:

  • KarMor: Kernel of a maritime chart display system, compliant with the ECDIS standard. KarMor is integrated by IFREMER and GENAVIR in a navigation system on board of research vessels. KarMor is also the genesis of the cartographic software elements in the GALAXY project of NAVAL GROUP  dedicated to military applications aboard submarines and surface ships.
  • Marine WMS: WMS server producing a cartographic image compliant with the S52 standard. For example, it is operated by ePilotBook to ensure the display of the ENC and the bathymetric ENC .
  • ULHYSSES: Software Suite for automatic production of highly accurate bathymetric charts (ENC, bENC, CLB) from single beam or multibeam bathymetric surveys. Auto ULHYSSES is the fully automatized version that ensures, without any intervention, the creation and the update of a full bathymetric charts coverage, the generated charts being perfectly adjacent. When new sounding files are stored in a dedicated folder, Auto ULHYSSES exploits them to achieve the update of the impacted charts. Archives are insured, allowing for example a full regeneration with a different tiling or zoning.
  • ePilotBook: Mobile application for port pilots, displaying all environment data (port and bathymetric ENC, AIS, anemometers, etc.) and providing query capabilities, target tracking, positioning, distance measurement, ETA, etc.

For example, ULHYSSES and ePilotBook are implemented at the Pilotage Service of Marseille-Fos Harbour.