Profil CMF Member

Company: FOREXCO

Industry sector: Transport maritime et services aux armateurs


Contact: Hervé ALLAIRE

Fonction : Fondateur

Email :

Phone: 0658722270

Website :

FOREXCO is one-stop maritime services, dedicated to design then to provide turnkey offshore solutions and tailored services packages for seaborne operations and especially to the energy stakeholders, ships owners, industrial firms (defense, oil&gaz), shipyards, oceanography offices, NGO, security companies, training centers.


FOREXCO deliver maritimes services such as :

  • Seaborne projects & operations supervision.
  • Ship management & chartering.
  • Marine assets O&M.
  • Inspection, Maintenance & Repair services.
  • Training programs.
  • Consultancy, surveys, audits & commissioning.
  • Leasing solutions for service vessels & tailored packages.