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Industry sector: Construction et activités navales

Regions: Basse-Normandie


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Phone: +33(0)2 33 88 30 00

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Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie, a privately owned shipyard located in Cherbourg, France, employs around 350 people.

CMN designs and builds vessels in steel, aluminium alloy or composite material.

CMN is the sole European fast attack craft builder to provide, either through its own staff or through the various other companies of the Group:

  • design and integration of weapon systems,
  • expertise in Stealth design, studies of RCS, EMI / EMC,
  • integrated  Logistic  Support - ILS  (SIJ - Sir Joseph Isherwood LTD),
  • training of crews and maintenance technicians (CMN Support Services Ltd),
  • the CMN Group is fully experienced in assisting overseas countries by Transferring Technology to develop their own naval shipbuilding and maintenance.