Maritime expertise

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Maritime specialists act on behalf of marine insurers, law courts and government departments, as well as shipping agents, charterers, ship owners, warehouse operators, freight forwarders and agents, providing their knowledge and experience in sea transport and ship operation. For example they investigate the causes of incidents and then assess the damage to vessels, sea structures or cargoes. They provide advice on bulky items or special cargoes, prescribe recommendations for deep-sea towage operations, calculate vessel displacements or survey them for charters. They are also involved increasingly in environmental issues or monitoring offshore renewable energy devices. Above all maritime specialists provide technical advice in inspections, surveys and fault analyses for ships, pleasure craft and boats, and as these specialists act independently their advice is sound. 


CEEMF - Collège Européen des Experts Maritimes et Fluviaux

The association founded in 1969 has active members among technicians and engineers from the vast maritime and river related activities areas, in a spirit of independence, competence and objectivity. The CEEMF, through its coaching and training modules; provides independent surveyors, members of the association, individual certification of their skills as "Maritime and River Expert” according to ILO Code: 2142 Certified: No. 2639 - According to Standard ISO-IEC 17024 - by IPF certified by COFRAC. 

The association is multidisciplinary. Shipbuilding, yachting and boating, safety and navigation, environment, stowage and control of faculties, transportation and handling, infrastructure works, underwater works, corrosion: Members of the association provide alone or in synergy with relevant knowledgeable colleagues, control, monitoring, study and technical assistance in line with the expectations of their public or private Clients and in the same spirit as when they are mandated by the Ministry of Justice in the legal framework. The title of expert takes its fair value in the effectiveness, objectivity and independence, in conformity with the commitment on the honor signed by each member and expert at the time they joined the CEEMF. 

UPEM- Union Professionnelle des Experts Maritimes

Founded in 1975, the UPEM represents approximately 70 marine surveyors, genuine professionals recognized all over the maritime world. Most are former officers of the merchant marine, navy or are civil engineers. They are fully qualified and their long experience in shipping allows them to practice the profession with great skill and independence. They operate mainly in the fields of merchant shipping (hull and machinery, cargo handling, stowage, lashing and securing of goods), inland waterways, fishing boats, pleasure craft, shipbuilding and repair, ship stability, the environment, safety and port security. 

With 40 years of feedback from experience, UPEM is behind the creation of the University Diploma of Marine Surveyor in partnership with the University of Le Havre and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM), designed to train future surveyors in the technicalities and specialities of this activity.