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The general public and interested parties are kept well informed of events and activities in the maritime world by a range of providers giving the latest news on the sea and those working close to the marine environment. 

Energies de la mer / CabinetB-Bornemann Conseil 

The consulting firm B-Bornemann Conseil - Energies de la Mer (Energy of the Sea / Mer-Veille) provides quality reports and analysis in the field of marine renewable energy, a sector in which it was one of the first actors. 

Energy of the Sea has obtained extensive relevant documentation in part due to its policy of following on a daily basis all events related to renewable energy of the sea. It also maintains current maps identifying both the public and the private stakeholders. 

In addition to the online portal, the consulting firm B.Bornemann Conseil and its experts network recently opened a consulting department. The aim of this initiative is to support companies in their projects, to carry out studies wich could contribute to their strategic plannings, and to organise promotional events on their behalf. 

Infomer - le marin

A subsidiary of Ouest-France, Infomer publishes several maritime publications such as le marin and Chasse-Marée

I t also organizes the Maritime Economy Congress and the Fishing Congress as well as the Euromaritime and Eurowaterways exhibitions. 

  • The weekly le marin, with 12,087 distributed copies (42,300 readers), has been a prominent feature of the maritime sector for nearly 70 years and is focused on a powerful and dynamic maritime economy. 
  • Produits de la Mer: a magazine specializin 

in the fishing industry and dealing with the processing and marketing of seafood. 

Cultures Marines: a magazine for shellfish farming professionals. 

Navires et Marine Marchande: a magazine for merchant navy fans. 

Marines et Forces navales: a magazine for French Navy fans. 

Chasse-Marée, a subsidiary of Infomer, is “the” magazine for protecting and preserving maritime culture as well as sea and river heritage. 

Mer et Marine

Mer et Marine was set up in 2005 by journalists, sea enthusiasts and a young publishing organisation (GLCDK Media), all with the same desire to report daily on matters related with the sea and the communities built around it. Published with support from the press group Le Télégramme, Mer et Marine is now the leading French-language site on the Internet for maritime current affairs, with a fast-growing international audience. 

Catering for the full spectrum of digital media, the site attracts more than 500,000 hits a month, and has 35,000 subscribers to its newsletter. It provides a daily stream of in-depth information on the maritime sector (news, commentary, interviews, analysis…). 

Mer et Marine, a bi-media title, also publishes special editions devoted mainly to military and geostrategic matters. 

The site is very popular and has received many awards for the quality and high standard of its work. It has become a benchmark of referral not only for professionals but also for the non-specialised media. 

And while its reports are regularly picked up by the regional, national and foreign media, the editorial staff of Mer et Marine are, on the occurrence of every important maritime event, present on French and international radio and TV channels. 

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Also of importance are: 

“ La Revue Maritime” with contributions from professionals, decision makers and specialists on current and past events. Established in 1861 and published by IFM (see page 123), it is the oldest French publication related with the sea. 

“ Marine & Océans” published by ACORAM (see page 122), a media outlet consisting of a quarterly news review on maritime and geopolitical affairs and a web site, with comments by analysts and international decision makers: