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Dedicated to spreading a positive message about the maritime world, these institutions use their influence to raise the profile of maritime affairs with public authorities, parliamentarians, academics and also the general public. 

Through their activities ideas and values can be shared, knowledge passed on and information disseminated. 

Mutual support and interdependency

AAAM - Association des Administrateurs des Affaires Maritimes

The Association of Administrators of Maritime Affairs brings together officers belonging to this profession regardless of their position (active, retired or on secondment). Beyond the mutual exchange of information among its 200 members, the association helps to spread the influence of the French maritime administrations. It also works to ensure that they are appropriate to the needs of all aspects of the maritime environment. To that end the association publishes (once or twice a year) “RIGEL”, a magazine devoted to legal, administrative and economic developments in the French maritime world. 

ACOMM Ф AENSM - Association ofCaptains and Officers ofthe MerchantMarine and Alumni ofthe “Ecole Nationale Superieure Maritime” (ENSM) ​ 


Ideas and action to defend and promote the interests of Merchant Marine officers from cadets to master mariners, chief engineers and paramarine engineers, at all degree and certificate levels and covering all positions: at sea, ashore, in job research, retired or in supporter roles. Defence of the seas and oceans. Development of the French Merchant Marine. Theoretical and practical measures to maintain a high level of maritime education so that it remains constantly up to date with required skills and the needs of the shipping and paramaritime world. 



The French Naval Reserve Officers Association is a network of 4,000 members from all Navy branches, specialities and grades: operational reservists, civilian reservists, honorary and former reservists, all sharing the values of the French Navy, values generally conveyed succinctly by the term “team spirit”. The 36 sections into which they are divided cover mainland France and the Overseas Territories. ACORAM is also the body that speaks out for Naval Reserve Officers in dealings with the defence authorities, and its media centre publishes “Marine et Océans“, a quarterly review and website reporting on the maritime and geopolitical world, with contributions from international analysts and decision makers. 

AEN- Association des anciens élèves de l’École Navale 


The Association of Naval Academy Graduates helps former Naval Academy graduates in need of assistance, helps retiring officers finding jobs and maintains friendly links between its 4,000 members. It aims at promoting the reputation of the Academy and making people more familiar with the Navy and the maritime interests of our country. www.anciens-navale.fr; quaterly magazine “La Baille”; Yearbook; yearly prize “The Eric Tabarly Prize”; “Soirée Bleu Marine” (a prestigious party in Paris). 



INTRA-MARINE is an organisation representing Naval Reserve officers who have completed their national service in the Navy, serving as aides de camp or chiefs of staff for naval authorities, as specialists in international relations or linguists skilled in rare languages. Most of these of ficers are graduates of schools of business or engineering, institutes of political studies, the ENA, Normale Sup, or Langues O. The association also admits as members Naval Reserve officers under contract to the Operational Reserve and the Citizen Reserve who have expertise in international relations or foreign languages and a keen interest in the Navy and the sea. 

Learned societies and networks

Académie de marine 


The Académie de marine is a national public institution under the supervision of the Minister of Defence. 

As a learned society, its aim is to promote the development of high-level research and studies on maritime issues of all kinds. Its range of scientific, cultural and administrative activities and interests embraces all maritime domains. 

By its projects, editorial statements, publications, field trips, and distribution of prizes and financial incentives, the Académie seeks to encourage and support research, initiatives, and experiments of potential interest to all maritime disciplines. 

The Académie comprises six sections of thirteen members each. These members are elected from among the most eminent people within the maritime world : 

  • the Navy, 
  • the Merchant marine, fishing and yachting interests, 
  • science and technology, 
  • navigation and oceanography, 
  • history, literature, and arts, 
  • law and economy. 

Twenty foreign members collaborate on the work of the Académie and contribute to its international prestige and influence. 

Cercle de la Mer 


The Cercle de la mer was founded in Paris in 1971 with the object of developing interest in maritime matters and related activities. Located on a barge at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, between the Iena and Bir Hakeim bridges, the Cercle is an exceptional site. 

Entreprendre pour le Fluvial 


Established in 2007 on the initiative of the inland waterways authority VNF and those working in the sector, the association Entreprendre Pour le Fluvial (Entrepreneurship For Inland Waterways) today has a membership of some sixty entities from the inland waterway industrial and financial sectors. Its mission is to help create and develop businesses in tourism, freight services and other services related with the inland waterways sector. 


Ephese belongs to round the world sailor Catherine Chabaud. Launched in 1990 when she built her first racing boat, Ephese manages all her activities (racing boats, conferences…). Since 2011, Ephese has managed the Voilier du Futur project, a demonstrator of ecological innovations for the nautical industries. 

IFM – Institut Français de la Mer 


The French Institute of the Sea (IFM) is a non-profit making association whose aim is to increase awareness among the French people of the fundamental role of the sea in all fields and to promote French maritime activities by all available means. 

The French Institute of the Sea achieves its goals by lobbying, disseminating information, research, and through activities and actions directed at decision makers and the public in general. 



As a think tank for maritime and coastal affairs tasked with producing integrated maritime policies and strategies along with their mechanisms of governance, 'LittOcean, pour des espaces maritimes équitables' develops the maritime dimension of government policies and international relations. 

Its action is designed to benefit all those engaged in maritime and coastal activities and policy via training and advisory activities, mainly in the form of support for businesses engaged in implementing industrial projects designed for specific areas, involving numerous players and covering particularly weighty environmental issues. It also provides assistance to project managers of institutional organisations to help them design their maritime and coastal projects. 

Maud Fontenoy Foundation 


Since 2008 the Maud Fontenoy Foundation, recognised as a public interest organisation, has engaged in actions in France and abroad to preserve our oceans. Its activities include envi ronmental educat ion for the young generation and the public with support from its scientific committee, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Ecology as well as the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. Its goal is both ecological and social: oceans are humanity's future. 

The 2014-2015 edition of its junior WATER pack comes with a teacher's book on how to use the pack. The 2014-2015 edition of the 100% Ocean pack comes with a junior high school teacher's book on the French coastline produced in partnership with the Conservatoire du Littoral; and a senior high school teacher's book on marine renewable energy produced in partnership with the French Maritime Cluster and the CNRS. Pupils can get their hands on the educational packs free and register their classes for the national Maud Fontenoy Foundation challenge by logging on to the website of the Foundation. 


Propeller Club de Paris 


The Propeller Club of the United States is a worldwide organisation which was established in New York in 1923 to promote the interests of the merchant navy in the aftermath of the First World War. 

Today, the Paris Propeller Club is just one of a vast body of more than 100 affiliated clubs located throughout the world, no less than 28 of which are in Europe. 

A common factor unites the 7,000 or so members of this entity: defending and promoting the broader interests of the Merchant Navy and all of its supporting activities, given the extent to which international trade relies on sea transport. 

This fact is not well understood hence the reason why the Paris Propeller Club has for some years been active in debunking misconceptions and using education to present itself as an organisation open to dialogue. 

This policy requires it to return to basics by organising themed monthly lunchtime discussions, often in conjunction with other associations pursuing the same objectives and sharing the same goals. 



Océanides is an association engaged on an international research project in global maritime and naval history. 

By 2017, almost 300 researchers from all over the world will study and trace the history of humanity through the prism of the maritime world. Covering five thousand years of history over five continents, the objective is to demonstrate that oceans are at the heart of past, present and future political, economic and social issues. 

Financed by public and private partners, the mission of Oceanides is to publish the results of its research in French and in English, with shorter versions for the politicians, the young people and teachers. 



The Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association is an international organisation for women in management positions involved in the maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide. WISTA has over 2,000 members in 32 national WISTA Associations throughout the world, including WISTA France set up in 2004 under Articles of Association governed by the law of 1901. 

The purpose of the network is to of fer its members new career opportunities, develop their knowledge within the maritime world, and promote and support women in maritime professional careers. WISTA France focuses on facilitating contacts between women with management responsibilities in all sea-related businesses. 




Organised by le marin (groupe Ouest-France) in partnership with the GICAN, with active support from the French Maritime Cluster, Euromaritime is the only professional forum devoted to all participants in the economy of the sea in Europe. 

For its second edition, Euromaritime largely confirmed its position, and boost the development of Eurowaterways, the European trade show for inland waterways economy. 

By presenting all its components, Euromaritime reflected the economic vitality of the maritime sector: naval construction and repairs, maritime transport, ports, fishing, safety, environment, renewable energies, offshore, or “maretics” (digital technologies for maritime activities). 

The trade show also aimed at bringing the issues of the marine economy to the attention of French and European political decision-makers. Industrialists, experts and elected of ficials discussed the challenges of blue growth during three plenary conferences and 13 workshops, bringing together 110 European speakers. 

Key figures 2015: 

  • 306 exhibitors 
  • 8,300 m. of exhibition space 
  • 5,000 visitors from 48 countries 
  • 3 plenary conferences and 13 workshops conducted by 110 European participants. 

Euromaritime - Eurowaterways 2017: 

January 31st to February 2nd 2017 

Paris - Porte de Versailles Hall 3 

Thetis EMR


Be part of the top professional trade fair in Europe for Marine Renewable Energy (MRE), a must-attend international event under the patronage of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. 

The last edition 2015: more than 4,000 registered during 2 days, 300 exhibitors, 27% international participation, 53 speakers, 808 BtoB meetings and 33% international participation, 486 business lunches. 

Thetis MRE promotes know-how and skills of MRE players and identifies challenges and new opportunities in the MRE market at local level in the host county and also at European and international levels given the international prospects of the MRE market. 

The event is run by Thetis EMR (SAS) with the support of key associations, innovative clusters and main national and local institutions.