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Among the services that are essential for companies, engineering design offices and consultancy firms provide specialised services at all levels of economic activity. Engineering design offices are to be found in all branches of marine engineering (shipbuilding, offshore, MRE and port operations), providing services in project management, architecture, design or even environmental studies, and are of growing importance in most maritime related projects. Consultancy firms, for their part, possess other expertise essential for business development, in areas such as strategic analyses and studies, communication and the media, institutional relations and management of organisations. 

Engineering consulting firms


AVELAJ is a marine engineering company. 

Its corporate purpose is to provide its customers in the maritime economy (shipowners, private companies, public administrations and local authorities, builders of fishing vessels and work boats, large yachts, passenger ships) with its experience in managing complex projects, involving several companies providing different technologies. 

AVELAJ is fully committed to energy efficiency and offers solutions in optimized hybrid and electric propulsion. 

Breizh Marine Consult

Founded in 2012 by shipowner Yannick HEMEURY from Paimpol, Breizh Marine Consult (BMC) is a business consultancy with maritime technical expertise based in Paimpol (22). The main project of this company is an ultra-modern multi-purpose vessel under twelve metres called Sérénité. The firm’s ultimate aim is to bring to market by 2016 a versatile and innovative coastal fishing boat, which will be for its owners a greener more efficient operating tool, and safer than boats currently available through the integration of three major new technologies: innovative architecture, diesel-electric propulsion and the use of bio-based materials (incorporation of flax fibres). 


CONEXNAV provides engineering, administrative and contractual consultancy services to shipowners, mainly in newbuilding and refitting of commercial ships. 

Its specialist fields generally cover: preliminary studies, preprojects (by theirselves or in partnership with naval architects), preparation or adaptation of specifications and contracts, management of bids for tenders, close follow-up of design, building, trials, delivery, warranty. CONEXNAV also offer technical and administrative assessment of existing ships. 

Its strength lies in offering a small number of customers at the same time a tailored service with full availability, so as to work with them in the spirit of an in-house service. 

Their service its also based on a network of relationships among shipyards, naval architects, classification societies, maritime authorities (mainly French) and brokers. 

Its experience with owners and shipyards has been gained throughout the world: France (Europe and almost all overseas territories), Australia, Philippines, Mauritius, Poland, Spain, Norway. 

Mer Forte

Mer Forte is an engineering design consultancy specializing in sailing technology established by Michel Desjoyeaux and led by Denis Juhel. “Building on extensive experience from competitive sailing, Mer Forte strives towards bringing alternative experiences and innovative solutions to the shipping industry with an emphasis on low emission propulsion, and Marine renewable energy (specifically Floating wind mill). 

An experienced team of engineers uses a full range of powerful modeling and calculation software (Catia V5; Abaqus; Simulia; StarCCM+; Simspar; Maat hydro+) in its work.” 

Dedicated design office of Groupama Team France for the 35rd America’s Cup, Mer Forte is increase human and cluster capacity to enlarge customers services in WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion) field. 

Mer Forte has been named a JEI (Innovative Start-up Company). 


For almost 80 years, Vaisala has been a global leader in meteorological and industrial measurement. Vaisala serves customers in weather markets (maritime, energy, defence, airports, road and rail transport, etc.) and in controlled environments. 

The Vaisala group: 

  • is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, 
  • has 30 sites worldwide, 
  • employs almost 1,600 professionals, 
  • has net sales of € 300 million (2014), 
  • main markets: EMEA (37%), Americas (37%), APAC (25%), 
  • products used in over 150 countries, 
  • since 1990, the French subsidiary Vaisala SAS has been a sales and service site for South Europe. 

Maritime Offering: 

  • environmental solutions and services for HMS/EMS, Off-shore, VTS, EMR, 
  • Observation Driven Situational Awareness Systems designed to enhance customer’s operational efficiency and safety, 
  • a wide range of sensors and meteorological stations (wind, pressure, temperature and humidity, current, wave, water level, tide, visibility, clouds, rain, lightning), 
  • Vaisala Service Offering: installation, training, technical support; calibration and repair services, maintenance. 


Verifavia is a worldwide independent accredited carbon emissions verification body for aviation and maritime transport. Verifavia provides emissions verification information and services that enable shipping companies to navigate the requirements of EU Shipping Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) efficiently and effectively. Verifavia strives to be the maritime industry’s first choice for the provision of independent carbon emissions verification services under the EU Shipping MRV Regulation. Verifavia works as a trusted partner to its customers, supporting them in achieving compliance with an independent service grounded in accuracy, integrity and expertise. 

For up-to-date news and information on Shipping MRV, follow @VerifaviaMarine 

Consulting Firms

CK Audit

Headed by a former partner of PWC, this firm has acquired financial and tax expertise in the maritime economic sector in areas such as insurance, banking, local authorities, seafood processing industries, and particularly industrial fishing vessel ownership and operation, both in France and abroad. 

DsG Consultants

DsG Consultants advises and assists public and private companies operating in the port sector or bulk solids for targeted or continuous monitoring missions in France and abroad (countries of Southern Europe, Mediterranean and Black Sea mainly). 


A consultancy firm specialising in institutional relations and providing a representation service for companies and institutions (local authorities, professional bodies) with public authorities, research relating to finance especially from Community sources, representation of foreign businesses in France, canvassing of the French market in the maritime and port sectors. 


EPNaval makes a futuristic ocean cruising yacht. Packed with innovations such as foils, electrical propulsion with hydrogenerator, home automation applied to yachting and water-cooling, the amerX is eco-designed. EPNaval engineers and develops yachts together with a partner who builds them. 

The amerX ship at the “Grand Pavois' exhibition”


Equalogy is a new type of agency whose mission is to reconcile economic issues with natural resources and biodiversity conservation as well as with climate change and environmental NGOs. 

Equalogy helps private companies and public institutions adapt to these new challenges as quickly as possible. It helps them anticipate potential conflicts in planning projects by bringing together the different stakeholders in a spirit of partnership and consensus. In addition to typical sustainable development and CSR/OSR consultancy services, Equalogy also helps its clients make choices for their company’s future that are in line with new environmental standards and social expectations. 

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is highly experienced in the port and maritime sector. Its multidisciplinary team of specialists in this sector work hand in hand with port authorities and maritime businesses to help them manage their complex projects, overcome difficult issues and meet all of their objectives: performance optimisation, finance/management, risk control, strategy definition, public law, business law (including taxation)... 


An ISQ qualified firm in market research, business plan preparation, and strategic and logistics advice. For 20 years, its expertise has been key to the success of many projects in 20 countries, with 800 customers in transport, logistics and industry. Eurotrans has consultants and specialised databases in sea transport, shipbuilding, and ports. 


In April 2015 INDICTA, with its personnel and its business name, became part of the new division Conseil et Etudes Stratégiques of the firm M PRIME ENERGY. Its core business is: 

  • assistance with strategic decision making and the creation of strategies for business expansion in large groups, MSE, SME and start-ups, in France and internationally; 
  • support with implementing public policies and evaluating their social and economic consequences. 

INDICTA has developed substantial expertise in the energy sector and in the maritime economy, with high calibre references in: 

  • all types of marine renewable energy; 
  • and more generally in the technological fields and new markets arising as a result of ground-breaking innovation (subsea, multi-use platforms, ...) 

Inter Action Consultants

IAC is an operational advisory company which specialises in helping its clients gain a greater competitive edge. IAC oversees projects (project management), and provides organisational support and economic expertise to boost the capabilities of project teams. The four main areas of specialisation are: design to cost, redesign to cost, purchase optimisation and value creation. 


Isemar is at once a cent re of research, information and expertise dedicated to the maritime economy. Its activities of analyse, publication and promotion have led Isemar to become the “French reference observatory” and to have real recognition at European level. 

JFT Concepts

JFT Concepts of fers consulting services to businesses, local authorities, government and professional organizations in the areas of strategy, institutional relations and development at national, European and international level. The firm is headed by Jean-François Tallec, former prefect, former Secretary General of the Sea from 2008 to 2011, former officer in the Merchant Navy. 

JPCollin & Partners

JP Collin & Partners is addressing transportation-intensive industries. JP Collin & Partners processes and mines transportation and logistics data for operational & financial insights. JP Collin & Partners identifies and transforms opportunities to deliver money back to the bot tom lines, improve customers’ satisfaction and environmental footprint. 

JP Collin & Partners processes opportunities analysis, implementing its recommendations, IT solutions transportation metrics and dashboards, pilot design to outsource project. 

The JP Collin & Partners’ team intervenes all over the world, always considering local environment - the expertise covers parcel, pallet, part and full truckload services, air & sea, freight forwarding and brokerage, express, projects, port operations, logistics services, data exchange and transport management. 

KPMG Entreprises

KPMG is the leading provider of audit, accounting and advisory services in France, with revenue of E 894 million and a workforce of 8,300 in 2013. KPMG France is a member of the KPMG International network of independent firms operating in 155 countries. 

KPMG’s professionals have skills specialized in the maritime field throughout the country. Its SETE office is specialized in the subject with a great majority of its customers in the fishing industry. 

KPMG SETE offers optimum services such as the presentation of annual accounts and tax returns for the fishing industry. 

Leo Pole Consulting 

Dedicated to the maritime industry, LEO POLE CONSULTING provides it with sound independent expertise in the field of security, building on the maritime experience of its founder and an international network of screened partners. The scope of services includes: 

  • consulting (desktop and on the spot), 
  • the most relevant partnerships for protecting the crews against maritime crime, 
  • supporting maritime projects which involve both public and private stakeholders around Africa. 


Massaï is the only independent consultancy, catering exclusively for CEOs, executives and directors, which specialises in the organisation and management of corporate governance and strategic transformation. 

With more than 90 projects, Massaï advises senior management in over 28 countries on how to accelerate business expansion, while observing the strictest confidentiality in its relations with its clients (large groups, MSE and family-owned groups) and never disclosing references. 

It has considerable experience with family-owned groups, from which it has developed a unique approach to maintaining privacy in business operations and ensuring discretion in the assistance it provides. 

Using its extensive knowledge and experience acquired in France and abroad in both the public and private sectors, Massaï provides individual assistance designed especially for the specific needs of each company. It establishes tailor-made systems of governance, facilitates transition during mergers or acquisitions, prepares the way for new board members, proposes solutions for conflict resolution and prepares for the next generation to take over in family-owned groups. 

It aims to be the leading consultants on governance in France and to provide its clients with real added value and lasting growth. 

Its mission is not just to provide a service: it is to be a real partner and guarantee continuous improvement and efficiency in its clients. 

Massaï undertakes: 

  • to maintain complete confidentiality and total discretion for its clients, 
  • to provide unique solutions for solving complex problems, 
  • to develop innovative ideas for growth, 
  • and to pursue success together.

Montgomery Conseils 

Montgomery–Conseil has skills to manage industrial projects, in particular in the energy and maritime sectors. Its experienced consultants provide its clients with senior-level strategic advice and focused implementation processes. 

Odyssée Développement

Odyssée Développement is an independent consulting firm specializing in maritime economics. Its expertise in audit, technical support, and training, is dedicated to maritime professional activities, related to fishing and aquaculture, port management (fishing, commercial and marinas), maritime transportation, yachting, but also regional development and integrated coastal zone management. Based in La Rochelle, Cayenne, and soon New Caledonia, its experts are active in France and overseas. 



PwC, a leading professional service organisation in the maritime economy, is active in France and in French-speaking African countries providing companies with audits and accounting advice. Its multidisciplinary staff support organisations in the maritime economy (shipping companies, shipyards, port authorities, fishing companies...) in their business projects and strategic decisions. In France and French-speaking Africa, PwC has 4,500 people in its 38 offices. 

R-Marin Conseil

R-Marin Conseil provides consultancy services, project management for business development and reorganisation, as well as coaching for business managers and leaders of professional bodies. It is backed in particular by the expertise of Eudes Riblier, a former executive of shipping and shipbuilding companies, and a network of leading experts. 

S2F Navispec

A network of international maritime and financial specialists and consultants for the river and port maritime sectors. 

Assistance in shipping and maritime industrial projects, training, non-destructive analysis and tests, condition and 3rd party surveys. 

Société Marine de Service

“Société Marine de Service” (S.M.S) is a company involved in engineering, sales, marketing and services (including aftersales). SMS has established a network in the main countries with shipping and shipbuilding activities 

Syrtys Conseil

Syr t ys Conseil are project management consultants for businesses and local and regional authorities, primarily in risk assessment, management organisation and strategy. 


Consulting firms in media and communication


Global communication agency, Alisker advises and supports companies and maritime sector stakeholders in the implementation and execution of their communication projects: website, corporate identity, print, exhibition stands and events in France and abroad. 

In 10 years, Alisker has earned the trust and loyalty of its clients through its requirement, responsiveness and creativity. 

His expertise: understanding the universe and the goals of its clients, and designing actions and its communication tools to best serve its challenges. 

Cap Image

Specialized in industrial communication, Cap Image has been working alongside shipping companies for the last 21 years. 

Set up in Saint Nazaire, Nantes and Paris, Cap Image creates events and stands and produces films relating to the maritime world from Marseille to Le Havre and from Miami to Moscow 

Launching yachts, cruise liners, submarines or racing catamarans as well as organizing boat visits, greeting well-known people or contributing to better in-house communication, are all tasks Cap Image provides for its clients. 

The knowledge of the clients' requirements, the ethos of their business, is the guarantee of the success of its clients. 

Among the organisations and companies which have put their faith in Cap Image are: 

the French Navy, STX Europe, MSC Cruises, Cunard, The Vendée Globe, the Ferry Port of Marseille , Alstom, GDF, the Naval Museum. 

Colloquium Group

For 60 years Colloquium has been supporting institutions, associations and federations in their development and expansion policies, and creating and implementing appropriate strategies to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Colloquium has assimilated the entire value chain to enable it to provide a coherent comprehensive response to all of its clients' problems. 


  • corporate governance, 
  • finance, 
  • database qualification & management, 
  • digital communication, 
  • community development & organisation, 
  • brand content. 


Comtosea specialises in the production and management of information content and communication exclusively for the maritime and waterway sector. It assists companies in the design, facilitation, management or development of all their media (web, print, audiovisual, conferences), and offers strong expertise in particular issues of sustainable development. It also provides training in communication (speaking, media management) for executives and industry leaders. 


HEOS Marine

HEOS Marine is an audiovisual agency specialising in maritime services; it carries out photographic and video promotional assignments for the business of its clients: underwater images, offshore installations, fishing and sea-related activities, offshore wind farms and development of the maritime zone. 

For the media campaigns of its clients, HEOS Marine also has a database of copyright-free images on the following subjects: underwater algae, sea-related activities and offshore wind farms. 

I-Track Média

I-Track Media puts its know-how and its reactivity to work on images, using tone and techniques hitherto unknown in this field, in order to make information impact more pertinently and more forcefully. 

Its multicultural multidisciplinary team is made up of experts in audiovisual production, events and communication, who complement each other perfectly. 

I-Track Media will guide its customers all the way, from shooting to editing and special effects, and will provide them with its image making expertise, leading edge technology, avant-garde methods and post-production creativeness. 

I-Track Media encourages a spirit of innovation to promote its customers’ products, events or concepts with a video infinitely more alluring and more persuasive than a lengthy sales talk… 

ILAGO group

ILAGO is resolutely international and has the complete skill set required to deliver a comprehensive communications and events service. 

ILAGO operates through two specialised groups: 

ILAGO Com satisfies all of its clients’ professional communications needs including the development of content, graphic design, public and press relations. 

ILAGO Event delivers proven expertise in the organisation and management of events. 

Via Découvertes Production

Via Découvertes Production is dedicated to the production of audiovisual content for television programmes, institutions and businesses. 

A specialist in “Sea Movies” and producing all its films in HD, Via Découvertes Production relies on its 20 years of experience and its expertise in documentaries to support companies, institutions and authorities in their communication activities. 

Through dedicated, web friendly “showcase films”, Via Découvertes Productions is able to convey its expertise and specific skills using a documentary style approach. 

Social Services


Service Social Maritime

Service Social Maritime (SSM) is an organisation established in 2007 (following the merger of older maritime social services from the 1930’s) as an association under the 1901 Law by the principal organisations of the maritime sector (Armateurs de France, CNPEM, CNC, Enim, Cmaf, seamen’s unions …). 

It engages in particular with maritime companies as an Occupational Social Service and contributes to prevention policies in matters related with Health & Safety at Work in partnership with relevant stakeholders. 

Present in the 38 principal French ports (including overseas ones), it is composed of 95 professionals in social work and maritime affairs who make their specialist knowledge available daily to maritime companies and their staff.