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Electronics and information technology make up a key over-arching sector of the maritime economy. Expertise in the field of electronics helps to bind our naval, offshore and marine renewable energy (MRE) industries together. Computer tools, along with software publishing, simulation centres and virtual platforms, are essential for ship design and construction, ship control, weaponry, defence and self-protection systems, the development of MRE, and even educating and training seamen or qualified workers. 

For that reason, the creation of a “marétique” cluster (i.e. one for new marine technology) with the @Marrer Association which were actively supported by the CMF, is a major venture for our whole sector, demonstrating the visionary, innovative and enterprising spirit of its specialist electronics and information technology companies. 


@Marrer association is launching to be transformed into a Cooperative Company of Collective Interest (SCIC) with the following objectives: 

  • support Seagital projects that aim to develop and market new digital services for maritime and river-based actors, 
  • involve in the company’s governance: 
    • – maritime and river-based actors, 
    • – digital actors, 
    • – pole of competitiveness and Innovation’s players, 
    • – public authorities, 
    • – experts, 
    • – private and other professionals. 

Atool Développement

ATOOL Développement edits, maintains and markets the software “Sémaphore, Voir pour prévoir”, an operational tool for events management. Sémaphore monitors the maintenance of strategic assets (CMMS), as well as regulatory and contractual monitoring to reduce risk and prevent any loss of amenities or operating losses. 

AXS Marine

AXSMarine is one of the leading global providers of online software solutions and databases to the international shipping industry. Since its creation in 2000, AXSMarine’s solutions have been adopted by more than 800 companies worldwide. Its products deliver noticeable efficiencies to many commercial vessel and cargo chartering processes in Dry, Tanker and Containers. They provide a suite of modules which allow shipping executives to fully analyse their commercial and operational activities. Because they are Internet-based, services are available from any computer, anywhere; there is almost nothing to download or install. AXSMarine online tools are secure, fast and easy to use. AXSMarine is the first and only company in the market providing a software system coupled with an in-house database, which makes its product unique and very complete. 


CERVVAL, with 15 people is a specialist in: 

  • assistance in the design and optimisation of multidisciplinary systems, 
  • training materials, assistance with marine operations and “serious games”, 
  • project management and planning optimisation, 
  • help and support in strategic decision making, 
  • human behaviour in simulations. 

In the maritime economy, these methods are applied in the following fields: 

  • transport, operational methods at sea, chartering, 
  • marine renewable energy, the energy mix, storage facility management, 
  • multimodal transport analysis, simulation of the port of the future, … 

These methods are also applicable in planning large projects, shipbuilding and offshore activities… 

Dassault Systèmes

Innovative and reliable concepts, excellent quality, on-time delivery, compliance with safety standards, eco-friendly ships and of fshore platforms, optimized operations; these are the challenges that the Marine and Offshore industries have to deal with nowadays, in order to bring customers added value and at the same time an unforgettable travel experience. Dassault Systèmes’ Industry Solution Experiences will help you drive sustainable innovations to create the best consumer experience for your product. 

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPER IENCE Company, provides business and the public with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systèmes’ collaborative solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the real world. The group brings value to over 190,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 140 countries. 


Geomod is a major player in sof tware development for marine products including official marine cartographic products (ENC, AML). Based in Brest, the experts at Geomod’s marine activities are actively involved in international work groups developing IHO standards. In particular, the software solutions developed by Geomod are embedded in the military applications of DCNS and also in the applications of IFREMER and GENAVIR. 

Geomod publishes software solutions in Java: KarMor SDK (API providing a cartographic core and standardized cartographic services: S52 image, ECDIS warning), MARINE WMS Server (web server advantageously exploiting ENC: high quality image, queries), ePilot Book (web application displaying ENC and real-time information for Pilots), ULHYSSES (automatic bathymetric chart creation–ENC/bENC/CLB - from bathymetric surveys). Geomod is also a PRIMAR distributor of encrypted ENC. 

By-products proposed and developed from the digital products stemming from sea charts of the SHOM, are not usable for the sea navigation. They do not replace the official products of a hydrographic ser vice department. These by-products were not checked on behalf of the SHOM. 

MATRA Électronique

MATRA Électronique is able to define, design, manufacture, integrate, accept and maintain hardened electronic equipment in operational conditions. Our expertise is available in a variety of fields (microelectronics, coating, metrology ...) for the manufacture and test of ever more complex integrated functions. In addition to ship wiring, MATRA Électronique is established today in other fields where equipment requires great reliability on very long life cycles, such as civil and military aeronautics, oil research, and space. 


LiFi is a new optical wireless communication system using LED lighting to send numerical data. OLEDCOMM France LiFi designs, manufactures and markets a complete solution allowing you to communicate on land and under water with simple LED lighting. LiFi opens up a new era in the world of wireless data without electromagnetic pollution and without saturating bandwidth, at a much lower cost than WiFi. LiFi enables communication where WiFi is not allowed or where it is disrupted by a surrounding metal framework, and also of course underwater. 

Key facts: E 600 K in 1st year income 

Staff of 24 

Parsys Télémédecine

PARSYS Télémédecine is a manufacturer of systems and devices allowing doctors to make a remote diagnosis anytime, anywhere. It equips many merchant ships and fishing boats in Europe and abroad with wireless electrocardiographs or videoconferencing medical stations allowing Medical Assistants to make a precise remote diagnosis via satellite communication on seafarers who are unwell. 

S2F Network

S2F Network provides wireless and video surveillance solutions. With the advantages of its geographical location in Le Havre and its experience with numerous ports, S2F Network has established R-marina, a service especially for Marinas, and R-port, for Commercial Ports, wireless solutions for the centralised and secure operation of ports. R-marina and R-port both include modules to manage remotely and wirelessly all equipment that needs to communicate: access control, intercom, electricity, water, dynamic display to access real-time information related with local tourism or safety, and of course strong Wi-Fi anywhere. 


Transas is a world-leading provider of high tech equipment, software applications, integrated solutions and services for the maritime industry: Transas has over 35% of the ECDIS world market share, around 25% of VTMS installations and over 45% or the maritime simulation market. Transas offers best-in-class navigation systems and integrated bridge solutions, recognized training and simulation solutions, well-known VTMS and coastal surveillance systems, shipping company and port management systems, onboard and individual decision suppor t systems for professional crew and pilots, as well as popular applications for leisure and the marine mass market. Transas operates more than 20 own regional offices as well as its global network of partners serving Transas customers in more than 120 countries.