Maritime logistics

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These days, 90% of world trade is transported by sea. This goods traffic passes through seaports, an inescapable route for all shipments. These ports are now much more than transit points. They provide added value for which there is a real demand, such as the processing of products, financial breaks in free-trade zones, specialised packaging methods, etc. 

Supply chain logistics (transport of raw materials usually in bulk) accounts for two thirds of shipping traffic, while distribution logistics (manufactured products usually transported in containers) accounts for the other third. 

French companies are increasingly turning to logistics service providers offering a complete integrated service: 3PL (Third Party Logistics), 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics), freight forwarding and transport organisers, etc. 

For the last 10 years, shipping represented nearly 40% of the intra EU transport. 

About 70% of French ports activity towards European and Mediterranean ports is to be identified as shortsea shipping related. 

Nowadays, the European Union carries on actively supporting transportation of goods by sea, mostly through the CEF Transport (Connecting Europe Facility 2014 - 2020), a part of the wider TEN - T (Trans-European Network Transport) program, which core network is to be achieved in 2030, and its comprehensive network at horizon 2050. 

The projects selected in that regard in 2015, which got financed up to € 13 millions, put the emphasis on multimodal corridors and Motorways of the sea. 


BP2S Bureau de Promotion du Shortsea Shipping

The SPC France (Shortsea Promotion Centre) is an association for government authorities, professional organisations and t ranspor t companies of all sectors (shippers, freight forwarders, road hauliers, ports, ship owners and shipping agents) established to promote Shortsea Shipping and intermodal sea transport. 

Its main activity is providing easy access to information via its website and blog updated daily, a weekly newsletter and a monthly news bulletin, plus theme-based and summary data sheets, etc 

The SPC France also organises meetings, workshops and conferences for its members. 

On intermodality, SPC France identifies freight that can be switched from road to a logistics system with a sea leg, and takes part in feasibility studies (economy, bottlenecks and good practice), etc. 

The SPC France is also a forum for networking and support for initiatives promoting shortsea shipping and intermodal logistics in France and in Europe. 

It also provides guidance for its members in seeking national and European funding. 

Cercle pour l’Optimodalité en Europe

The European Optimodality Forum has more than 60 members among economic contractors and entities which, since the Optimodality® Char ter was signed on March 6, 2007, have shared the common aim of building a new approach to the transpor t chain, one which seeks to optimize the economic, technical, environmental and societal benefits of each mode of transport, and all effective combinations of these modes.

Crystal Group

For 25 years, Crystal Group’s mission has been to devise and implement personalized logistics solutions to meet the expectations of businesses operating internationally. 

We are a close-knit, independent group which has acquired financial stability, allowing us to invest in and manage every link of the logistics chain. 

The group covers all sectors of activity thanks to its niche products (such as Aerospace, Automotive, Oil&Gas), and it does this through our specialized subsidiaries, all with the same objective: satisfaction of the customer and end user: 

  • Qualitair&Sea is present internationally, either directly or by way of joint ventures, in the UAE, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, USA and Turkey. 
  • Altus provides services for the oil industries. 
  • Set Cargo is geographically present in the French Overseas Departments (DOM). 

Each of the subsidiaries of Cr ystal Group deploys specific skills in order to find the solutions that meet the needs of its clients, whether in international ocean and air transport, management of administrative and physical flows, customs operations, or management of logistics supply bases. 


Daher is an equipment supplier developing integrated Industrial Systems for aerospace and advanced technologies. 

By linking its know-how in industrial manufacturing, product and process engineering, logistics and transport, and industrial services, Daher designs and develops value-added solutions for its industrial partners, who benefit from this convergence of industry and services. Daher has established itself as a leader in 5 fields of activity: aircraft manufacturer, aerostructures and systems, integrated logistics, nuclear services, and valves. 

Driven by bold innovation ever since it was founded in 1863, Daher has established itself today as one of the major players of the 3rd industrial revolution 

Daher has been consistently facing the most testing and severe logistical challenges throughout over 150 years of industrial history. It has developed a range of tried-and-tested tools and methodologies to support our customers through the performance of large-scale operational services (transport, logistics, industrial services, lead logistics & services provider). Daher's offer allows customers to secure and optimize the supply chain to their plants and to the largest worksites and projects. 

Daher provides a range of services in project transport and the management of complex projects: 

  • transport & customs engineering, 
  • on-site logistics, 
  • shipping (“ro-ro” and heavy lift ships for military and civil projects), 
  • handling and transport tools & jigs, 
  • multimodal, 
  • heavy and oversized items, 
  • emergency and AOG expertise, 
  • industrial expediting, 
  • surveys, tests and controls. 

Daher posts turnover of nearly a billion euros, and its order book stands at around three and a half years of turnover. 

NCT Necotrans

Created 29 years ago, the Necotrans group is a key player in international logistics with a turnover of over 950 million EUR and 3,500 employees in 126 branches. 

Present on 5 continents and in 42 countries, Necotrans operates in the following activities: 

  • port activities (Ports & Logistics), 
  • freight forwarding (Freight Forwarding), 
  • oil & gas logistics (Oil & Gas), 
  • equipment distribution (Automobile & Equipment). 

The complementarity and synergies of its activities form a unique network of logistic skills. 

Key figures: 

  • 2013 turnover: E 954 M 
  • 3,500 employees 
  • 126 branches 
  • 42 countries