Contribution of the maritime sector to the French economy

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Given the dispersion or absence of some of the statistical data, these figures are estimates. 

However, this table is limited to jobs dependent almost exclusively on the sea. Thus activities centred on coastal tourism, which alone contributed € 28.5 billion and 190,000 jobs in 2010, have been excluded from the maritime cluster! Likewise port activities properly speaking do not take account of indirect jobs, such as those in port industrial zones or those generated in shops and businesses. 

Gross National Income (an indicator similar to the former GDP) having risen in France in 2014, the value of maritime production (excluding double accounts, i.e. net of internal trade), which also rose, was stable at around 3.2% of GNI. The active maritime population (employed directly) represents 1.1% of the total active population of the country. 

The maritime sector is as important if not more important than “traditional” French sectors: 

The maritime sector employs more people than the aeronautical industry (180,000 jobs in 2014), the telecommunications sector (122,000 jobs in 2014) or the automobile industry (in 2013, including car parts suppliers, 201,000 jobs). 

The maritime industry is bigger by value of production than the aeronautical industry (E 50.7 bn in 2014) or even the telecommunications sector (E 33.8 bn in 2014).