Maritime safety and security industries

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Increasing globalisation is presenting all the maritime activities with new challenges and threats, which are: 

  1. monitoring sea transport to prevent and protect against threats such as terrorist attacks, piracy and illicit trafficking; 
  2. supervising maritime activity to protect marine resources, preserve the environment and provide assistance to people and goods. 

Against this background, which is provoking the introduction of stronger legislative and regulatory measures as well as increased government action at sea in pursuit of a global approach to maritime and environmental challenges, French manufacturers have developed solutions, systems and equipment specially for these fields. 

Most of these manufacturers are members of the GICAN Maritime Security, Safety and Environment Committee (see page 28). 

To combat piracy, a work group initiated in 2010 by the French Maritime Cluster with the members of the GICAN and Armateurs de France, established a project for the self-protection of ships, a non-lethal self-defence system using automatic subsystems installed on board vessels. 

As an additional anti-piracy measure, the French Maritime Cluster formed a task force in 2010 made up of equipment suppliers, the industry association Armateurs de France, equipment designers and users, and the French Navy, which has resulted in the launch of a ship self-protection project, BlueDome. This relates to a non-lethal system of self-defence using automated subsystems fitted on board vessels that provide an effective, modular, simple to use, economic system of protection. 

A consortium of nine companies has been set up to develop this project. The self-protection system, currently in demonstration phase, is due to market early 2015. 

Most of these manufacturers include the leaders of the Defence and Security sectors


2itronic is developping RoSafe, a man over board management device. The personal beacon is so small that it can be hidden in every life jacket. As an option, it is possible for the beacon to be inserted in a foam vest. On board, the receiver is compatible with NMEA2000 devices and PC driven road map. The system can even trigger automatic actions from alam to vessel guidance. 

Airbus Group

Airbus Group’ status in the aerospace industry is well-known; however, how many people know that the Group is the world leader in the maritime surveillance sector? This is thanks to the maritime surveillance aircraft and helicopters manufactured by Airbus Defence & Space and Airbus Helicopters. 

The sea has become strategic: it covers 70% of the Earth’s surface, draws 65% of the world’s population to within 100 kilometres of the coast and accounts for 90% of world trade. What was once a simple transportation route has now become a kaleidoscope of challenges and threats, a source of conflicts and claims on its resources. 

This brings together all the facets of Airbus Group’ maritime surveillance solutions and services portfolio, ranging from traditional radar surveillance of coastal regions to the most sophisticated deployment of observation satellites for the deep sea, or the use of manned or unmanned aircraft in maritime zones. 

Automatic SeaVision

Automatic Sea Vision (ASV) provides video analytics for physical security information management (PSIM) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software to perform waterbody surveillance. 

ASV software is the only solution to seal the permeable frontier of critical infrastructures: airports, harbors, waterways, oil & gas, power plants, nuclear plants, desalination plants, fish farms, or wastewater plants. 



From 2002 Bernard Decré, the founder of DECREATION, helped to develop a company making twin-turbine helicopters for the French emergency medical services SAMU with the team from Franklin Devaux and Proteus Airline: Proteus Hélicoptères. 

With the same team and building on their success, he is currently developing a maritime entity: 

HELICOS’Guard with twin-turbine ‘marinized’ helicopters to undertake all maritime activities. Its aircraft will be offered to customers on 6 to 8 year contracts at a rate of 400 flying hours per year in France, in Europe and in some countries with a high volume of sea traffic. 

In s ingle - t urbine, a subs idiar y cal led HELI’Archipels will support expansion and services in the Islands and Archipelagos. 

Finally a structure HYDRAViATION: “SKIP’Air” is working on two amphibious aircraft projects. 


Lacroix is a recognized French exper t in pyrotechnic systems and related services. In the naval field, the company provides solutions for naval platforms self-protection against all types of naval threats, malevolent acts, piracy and drug traffickers, during navigation, mooring and while docked at port. 

The product range offers a wide variety of effects enabling a graduated response adapted to the various situations encountered and its system can be used in stand-alone mode or interfaced with detection and/or designation means. 




Since 1990, MOBILIS has designed and produced AtoN equipment for maritime and river safety. 

All the products are manufactured in France and distributed all over the world. Nearly 90% of this is for export. 

MOBILIS opts for the long-term client relationship with our enthusiasm to provide the right products of high performance and technical skills. 

In 2011, we started PE production by Rotomolding on our own. And in 2014, we integrate manufacturing of aluminum elements with the acquisition of aluminum machine shop for the construction of pylons, towers and masts. 

MOBILIS proposes a large variety of materials: floating beaconing, fixed beaconing, mooring buoys, pipes floats, data buoys. For data buoys, we now have our own resource completely dedicated to this. 


OCEANPLUS design and manufacture products for marine safety: man overboard device, fenders, buoys. 

These devises are made of PCV and foam. 

Its products equip vessels of all types: rescue boats, French navy ships, fishing boats, sailing boats, yachts. All the products are made in France. 


Present across the globe via Safran’s international network, S agem ha s d e s ign e d and developed comprehensive self-protection systems adapted to all types of threats and vessels, militar y or civilian, covering navigation, warning, surveillance, reconnaissance, engagement and self-defense requirements. In particular, Sagem offers a complete and modular range of solutions dedicated to ship and port safety and security: infrared surveillance system, remotely controlled dazzler and water cannon. Its technologies are used on more than 350 surface vessels and submarines deployed by 35 navies worldwide. 


SeaProven goal i s to provide mar i t ime organizations, governments, private companies and NGOs with enhanced capabilities to monitor and protect coastal and marine areas as well as a rapid, effective rescue to people at sea through Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs). 

Marine robotics, is becoming a reality, there is an ever growing demand from the civil and military marine sectors that has been ignited by budget cuts, safety concerns for goods, personnel, the environnement, industrial installations in volatile settings, and an increasing need for search and rescue at sea. 


Seareka is an electronic company, specialized in marine personals safety. 

After, being Laureateof the contest for innovative entrepreneurship setting up by the Ministry of Research and several years of R&D as well as field experiment, a new product for man over board was born. 

This system named “Divansi MOB” is used to trigger an Alarm, give a GPS position in real time on an intuitive interface of the person fold at sea. It is a quick answer matched to working conditions on board ships. This product meets the regulatory requirements of mercantile marine. 


SOFRESUD is a French SME specialized in maritime self-protection and security systems. 

Based on 15 years of experience in visual defense against asymmetric threats as the supplier of QPD target designation device for major navies, SOFRESUD developed a range of equipment and solutions for surveillance and self-protection of offshore maritime platforms. 

In particular, SOFRESUD is offering VMAS system for fleet monitoring and alert rising in sensitive offshore field, AMS system dedicated to merchant ships self-protection and also WRS, an autonomous/remote controlled water repelling system to prevent maritime assaults. 


Thales is a global high technology leader for the defense, security, space, aerospace and groud transport markets. With 61,000 employees in 56 countries, Thales generated revenues, in 2014, have been of 13 billion euro and the orders have been of € 14.2 billion. In the naval domain, Thales equips approximately 500 ships of many type, in about fifty navies in the world, as well as fighting aircraft and maritime patrol or surveillance aircraft. Thales proposes global technico-logistic support services for naval equipments, too. 

With 20% of its revenues invested into R&D, Thales offers a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipments, systems and services that serve the needs of critical decision chain of his customers. His exceptional international footprint allows him to act as closely as possible to his customers all around the world. 

Zodiac Milpro

Zodiac Milpro is a French former company of the Zodiac group, specialized in the development of high added value solutions for military and professional organizations in the maritime sector. 

Well-known and worldwide recognized by its reliable and innovating products such as the ZODIAC HURRICANE® rigid inflatable boats range or the MILPRO™ accessories range, Zodiac Milpro also provides a full range of services, from operational training to diversification in the Maritime sector or Integrated Logistic System (ILS), thanks to its certified worldwide network. 


Other actors specialized in providing services


AdvancedTrack & Trace

Advance d Track & Trace® is an exper t in the development and impl ementat ion o f i d e n t i f i c a t i o n, authentication, data encryption and products’ se cure t raceabi l i t y technologies. Located in France, the United States, Switzerland, and Hong-Kong and Shanghai since 2013, ATT protects the products, packaging and ensures the supply chain’s security in all the world regions and all sensitive activity sectors, in order to fight efficiently and durably illicit trades. ATT is also a major player in digital technologies applied to the protection of banknotes, documents and governments 



Agence Surtymar

A leader in maritime and Port security for more than 10 years in France, Morocco and Congo, SURTYMAR Agency and SURTYMAR Engineering in Morocco provides ISPS compliance and security systems engineering for ports, port facilities and ships in France and abroad. SURTYMAR Agency is a Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) and an official Maritime Security Training approved by French “Affaires Maritimes“ for maritime and Port security. In addition, for more than 10 years, the Surtymar Agency has operated services providing specialised operational security personnel for ships and port “oil & gas“ facilities for french and international companies. 

Bataillon des Marins Pompiers de Marseille

Established in 1939, the navy fire department of Marseilles had ever since been assigned not only to safety of the 2nd biggest city in France, but also to France’s 1st harbour and 5th airport. 

Those missions, guaranteed by 2400 men and women, give this French Navy’s elite unit the unique capacity of been both a naval and civil safety expert. Therefore, the crew is frequently spread out of its territorial authority area. 

The unit training centre, up-to-date and ecofriendly, offers to its clients, private and public, French and foreigners, a range of trainings and courses nationally and internationally certificated, as a guarantee of quality and recognition for its teaching in firefighting, hazardous materials control, rescuing and open sea survival. 

Centre d’Étude et de Pratique de laSurvie

The only training centre of its kind on the Atlantic Coast, the CEPS (ISO 9001 and 29990 certified by Lloyd's Register - LRQA) is located at Lorient and provides a wide range of maritime safety training courses accredited by STCW, OPITO, ISAF, BZEE, GWO, etc.: for the merchant navy, offshore O&G, wind farms, aircraft, fishing, sailing, sea rescue, first aid, fire fighting… 

The CEPS has a large range of facilities including a helicopter crash simulator, heated pool, davits, lifeboats, fast rescue craft, smoke containers, fire pits, survival suits, classrooms, etc. 

With a staff of 6, the CEPS trains 1,200 persons on every year. 


C -Technologies designs, develops and commercializes innovative and scalable solutions to enhance the safety of storage and transport of equipment and goods. The objective of C-Technologies solutions is to guaranty the integrity of containers. 

The patented solutions by C-Technologies can address theft and degradation issues. They consist of a range of mechanical boxes which over-latch the closure system of containers and trailers, boxes that can integrate or not electronic security modules to ensure the detection, the tracking in real time and the communication of events: What events? When? Where? 

GALLICE Protection 

Founded in March 2007, GALLICE Group works alongside countries to reinforce their sovereignty and modernize of their security apparatus (Gendarmerie, Police, Army), by implementing to their benefit missions of analysis, consulting, engineering and training in National Defense and Security. 

GALLICE also advises national and international industrial companies on global security related to risk management. The company offers on-board security on a worldwide basis and its service offering to shipowners has turned Gallice into the French leader in maritime protection. 


Historical leading risk management provider, the GEOS group is dedicated to supporting all kinds of organizations in risky environment worldwide. Nowadays GEOS MARITIME is dedicated to supporting the shipping industry and offshore organizations through covering a wide scope of services such as designing and running security / safety solutions, HSE supervision, ISPS implementation, interface with local institutions and economy, coordination of logistics and operations, etc. 

Groupe Prorisk

The ambition of the holding Groupe Prorisk is to provide all around the world, in favour of public institutional organisations and private companies, a global response to the issues of mastering and safeguard of maritime areas. This holding company owns at 100% three subsidiaries which provide complementary services: 

Kargus Sea Interconnection (KSI): Recognised Security Organisation and Approved Training Centre in the field of port and maritime security, ISPS Code and Private Activities of Protection of Vessels (recognised by French State). Engineering and consulting for activities relating to State Action at Sea and security; 

Prorisk International SARL: Project management and client’s representation in the field of subsea works, mine warfare and UXO/EOD/IED. Private Company for Protection of Vessels (recognised by France State); 

Prorisk International LTD: Private Maritime Security Company (recognised by United Kingdom) and Private Company for Protection of Vessels (recognised by France State). Deployment of Security Managers offshore and onshore. 

Institut Français de Navigation (IFN)

The French Institute of Navigation (IFN) is the French association formed by various actors and people working in the field of navigation or interested in it. IFN is contributing to prospective studies, in relation with industry (including service providers) and with the official French and international organisations in the field. A special effort is made on “e-Navigation” which is expected to use the most modern techniques in order to improve the safety and security of maritime navigation. IFN publishes a quarterly magazine, “Navigation”. 

National Institute ofProfessional Diving

The Institute is an association under the French Act of 1901 and was established to support and promote the development of activities related with professional diving, safety and working in aquatic and hyperbaric environments .


A consulting company specialising in transportation. Since 2005 its maritime security department, one of the leaders in France, has conducted security studies in relation with ISPS Code conformity for more than 25 ports and 60 port facilities in France and abroad. Since 2009 its consultants have assisted companies to obtain certification by Customs as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). 


Securymind is a consulting firm in security strategies, dedicated to the protection of property, people and projects, both in the public and the private sectors. Since 2009, Securymind has been developing its Maritime Department relying on complementary internal competences, and is a Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) by the French Ministry in charge of the sea and transportation within the framework of the ISPS code implementation. Securymind performs missions of consultancy, evaluation and training (ISPS awareness training sessions, PFSO training...). Since 2012, Securymind established a partnership with Bureau Veritas to deliver the reference of private maritime security companies proposing ship’s protection against piracy. 

Yachting & Cruises Risk Management​ 

Analysis and protection services against terrorist threats. 

Dedicated benefits to the cruise Industry and the yachting sector. 

Other state organisations selling French solutions abroad

DCI- Navfco

The mission of DCI - NAVFCO, naval component of the Defense Conseil International group, is to transfer French Navy know-how to friendly foreign naval forces. 

DCI – NAVFCO provides a wide range of tailored training - in French and in English - in the following fields: 

  • academic training of military naval officers and engineers, 
  • maritime and oper a t ional t r a i n ing: navigation and safety/security, conduct of operations in all warfare fields, 
  • technical training: In-service support and operational logistics, 
  • operational training for surface vessels, submarine and aircraft crews, coast guards and Special Forces. 

With its unique experience acquired over more than 30 years, DCI – NAFVCO continuously adapts its services, stamped with the “French armed forces” label, to the requirements and specificities of the naval forces of friendly countries. 


ODAS was set up at the request of the French government to promote international sales of defence, security and other advanced technology products and services. The company focuses on both government-to-government and commercial contracts. ODAS’s shareholders include the French state and the country’s leading defence and security contractors.