Shipbuilding and repair

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The French shipbuilding and repair industry, from shipyards to all associated equipment and service companies, employs more than 42,000 people directly. It is ranked 6th in the world and 2nd in Europe in the global civil and military market. This industry offers recognized skills and technologies that often extend beyond the “shipbuilding” niche, while a large part of its revenue comes from exports. Very innovative, our industry is also proud to be present in all technological segments needed for maritime industry projects. 

A versatile and innovative industry 

The success of France in this industry is due to the adaptability of its human resources, their capacity for innovation (the French shipbuilding industry having a leading edge) and its business efficiency. French shipyards are building the most complex units: cruise liners and other passenger vessels, research and other specialized vessels, frigates and power projection warships, support vessels and submarines. This expertise is also deployed in of fshore sectors, par ticularly marine renewable energy. French shipyards and equipment suppliers build all kinds of high value-added vessels, up to 400 m in length. 

A growing export-orientated systems integration industry 

A large ship is like a small town! On a ship under construction, a large number of products and parts are brought in and fitted on board. This is called systems integration. The subcontractors and equipment or service suppliers are located throughout France, but mainly on the coast. 

This global network, with the support of regions, local clusters, and “Pôles de compétitivité”, is the foundation of our industry. 


With more than 160 members, GICAN is the professional sectoral body representing the French naval and marit ime indust r y, from shipyards, prime contractors to system-integrators, to equipment makers and service providers, which together make up this industry for ships, but also for all structures needed for the exploitation of offshore resources, first-of-all marine renewable energies, and for maritime security, safety and environment. 

The industry represented by GICAN has more than 40,000 employees, and a turnover of € 8.5 billion. 

GICAN brings together the skills of all of its members, from large companies to SME’s. It is responsible for their promotion in France and abroad, their strategic positioning within Europe, and recognition of the high technology which characterizes the industry. GICAN represents the naval sector in national (ministries, parliament, national associations…) and international bodies (SeaEurope, EU-Commission European parliament, European agency for defense…). In particular, GICAN is partnered with the relevant French ministries (economy-industry and ecology-energy) to lead the CSFN (French strategic committee for the shipbuilding industry), and CORICAN (Council for research and innovation). Also, GICAN has been tasked by the government to manage the project “Oceans 21” for boosting the industry. 

GICAN, with its subsidiary SOGENA, organizes the world leading exhibition for naval-defense and security, EURONAVAL, and the EUROMARITIME-EUROWATERWAYS business show, covering all maritime and inland waterway economic affairs (see page 125). 

The leaders in shipbuilding


DCNS is a world leader in naval defense and a global player in marine renewable energies. The group designs, builds and maintains submarines and surface ships. It also provides a full range of services to naval bases and shipyards. DCNS offers services in engineering, construction, installation, maintenance and overall prime contracting of marine renewable energies. The Group works on the development of MRE technologies which are now at different stages of maturity, and has already formed strategic partnerships to develop pilot projects in France and abroad. Aware of its corporate social responsibilities, DCNS has signed the United Nations Global Compact. DCNS Group reports annual revenues of € 3.1 billion and employs 13,130 people. 


STX France SA is a large shipbuilding group majority owned (66.6%) by STX Europe (a subsidiary of the Korean group STX Offshore and Shipbuilding), with a minority stake (33.4%) held by the French government. Its two shipyards at Saint-Nazaire and Lorient possess the industrial expertise and facilities for designing and building a wide range of sophisticated vessels including passenger ships, warships and specialised vessels, as well as complex marine installations. 

Especially active in Research and Development, STX France, via its programme ECORIZON®, provides its customers with innovative technical solutions for vessels offering greater economy and a reduced environmental footprint. 

For several years, STX France and its subsidiary STX France Solutions have been expanding into offshore energy markets: oil and gas fossil fuels and marine renewable energy. Foundations and metal structures, offshore electricity sub-stations, service and installation vessels, marine energy generation structures and systems, and offshore accommodation platforms are all currently either in the design stage or form part of development projects. 

STX France Solutions on the other hand provides engineering services in both shore and offshore infrastructure markets, and has an important subsidiary in Brazil. 

Finally, through its Services business, STX France provides in-service ship maintenance and retrofit operations (civil and military). 


Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie, a privately owned shipyard located in Cherbourg, France, employs around 340 people. 

CMN designs and builds vessels in steel, aluminium alloy or composite material. 

CMN is the sole European fast attack craft builder to provide, either through its own staff or through the various other companies of the Group: 

  • design and integration of weapon systems, 
  • expertise in Stealth design, studies of RCS, EMI / EMC, 
  • integrated Logistic Support - ILS (SIJ - Sir Joseph Isherwood LTD), 
  • training of crews and maintenance technicians (CMN Support Services Ltd), 
  • the CMN Group is fully experienced in assisting overseas countries by Transferring Technology to develop their own naval shipbuilding and maintenance capacities. 


  • Sales of € 160 million in 2014, 
  • More than 400 ships built, 
  • Companies located in France, Poland, Nigeria and Vietnam, 
  • 1,100 people employed worldwide. 

French group PIRIOU, a global company with an international focus, successfully combines shipbuilding, repair and naval engineering. PIRIOU specializes in producing medium sized vessels with high added value through a combination of high-performance engineering and a global network of industrial sites in Europe, Africa and Asia, employing a 1,000-strong workforce. The group makes its expertise available to public and private, civil and naval owners of vessels up to approx. 120 m in length, from ship design to ship construction and repair, also including in-service support during operation. With more than 400 ships built and delivered worldwide since 1965, PIRIOU offers a wide range of efficient vessels for small-scale or industrial fishing, offshore oil and gas service, offshore wind service, towing, public service, patrol duties, expedition vessels… 

Other entities have skills in shipbuilding, including the following: CERVVAL, Cofely Endel…

Ship repair and maintenance


CEGELEC Défense is a provider of solutions and services for the design, installation and maintenance of systems or sub-systems for industry and the infrastructures and services sectors. With a foothold in some 30 countries, CEGELEC Défense provides customer support at every stage of local and multi-site projects worldwide. CEGELEC Défense is a subsidiary of VINCI Energies, an international group with a turnover of E 9 billion and a global workforce of 64,000 employees. 

Exper tise: multi- technical works onboard submarines, protection and surveillance of critical land, sea and onboard infrastructures, global maintenance of port and naval infrastructures, ships, patrol boats, surveillance frigates, Batral class vehicle/personnel landing craft, etc. 

Chantier Naval de Marseille

Chantier Naval de Marseille (CNdM) is a ship repair, refitting and conversion yard for all types of merchant vessels. The shipyard was founded in 2010 by the Italian shipyard San Giorgio del Porto to operate drydocks n°8 and 9 in the port of Marseille. 

Strategically located, the shipyard can welcome all types of vessels without any draft restrictions and takes advantage of a favorable climate for ship repairs activities. The shipyard is certified ISO 9001:2008. 

As from March 2016, the shipyard will be the exclusive operator of drydock n°10 (465mx85m), the biggest drydock in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The shipyard is also a member of “Genova Industrie Navali” group composed of 3 shipyards and several companies operating in several segments of the maritime market. 

Damen Shiprepair Brest

Damen Shiprepair Brest is a well-established repair yard with modern facilities. It has three graven dry-docks and a number of repair berths. The largest dry-dock measures 420 x 80 meters and is one of the biggest in Europe, allowing the yard to accommodate almost any ship in the world. 

The shipyard offers a broad range of services for any vessel type, including LNG tankers, oil tankers, semi-submersibles, shuttle tankers, FPSO’s, offshore construction vessels, jack-up rigs, ro-ro vessels and ferries. The highly skilled workforce is particularly well-known for its LNG tanker expertise. 

Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque

Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque is the only operator for repair and conversion in the port of Dunkirk (3rd largest port in France). It has two graving docks, one floating and three repair berths. Its largest dock can accommodate vessels up to 295 m in length and a beam close to 48 m. It also has a modern well equipped 22,000 sqm workshop, situated very close to the docks. Its spacious facilities with crane capacity allow the handling and storage of heavy equipment used for conversion and offshore projects. 

Its experience dates back to the 19th century and is the origin of the yard´s high level of ‘in-house’ expertise and a significant network of specialized subcontractors nearby. 

Its strategic position, close to the English Channel and main European trading routes, makes the yard an ideal place for dockyard work. 

The yard can offer a full range of services for passenger and roro vessels, dredgers, specialized offshore vessels and cargo vessels. 

Eiffel Industrie Marine

Located in the heart of a region recognised for its expertise in shipbuilding and ship repair, Eiffel Industrie Marine is a highly skilled operator in project management for the shipping industry: 

  • studies for the integration and assembly of machinery on new ships, 
  • complete ship fitting at dockside or in dry dock, scheduled maintenance work and breakdown repairs, 
  • ship refitting, conversion and integration of new equipment, 
  • expertise and repairs on board and at sea in France and abroad. 

Yacht refitting

Atlantic Refit Center

Yacht refitting 

The Atlantic Refit Center is the only shipyard on the Atlantic seaboard between Calais and Gibraltar exclusively devoted to superyacht and megayacht refitting. Able to accommodate yachts up to 150 m long and 21 m wide, the Atlantic Refit Center marshals a substantial network of French companies on the Atlantic seaboard as well as European companies specializing in the large yacht market. 

Established in 2006 in the Large Sea Port (Grand Port Maritime) of La Rochelle, its medium term objective is to become THE premier refit center on the European Atlantic seaboard, with services including a marina for winter lay-up of up large units over 70m. :

Subcontractors and equipment suppliers


ACCO is a leading European company specialising in sheet metal working and aluminium and steel construction. 

With 30 years of experience, sales of € 3 million, a workforce of 30 and an industrial site of 3 hectares, ACCO specializes in aluminium sheet and stamped products for custom steel and aluminium production. 

Located in the Bordeaux region of northern France, known for the construction of both prototype or standard design ships, ACCO builds superstructures and hulls for merchant and defence vessels, yachts, sailing boats, pleasure craft, semi-rigid boats, ferries, river boats, fishing boats, pollution skimmers and harbour boats in a range from 6m to 35m. 

Our company has led the way in innovation by developing an aluminium floating platform called “TRIPORTECH”, designed to accommodate a range of uses such as harbour offices, sailing schools, first-aid posts and event organisers. 

ACCO is a member of Apportech Industries, a cluster that joins local businesses with complementary activities such as general mechanical engineering, thermoforming, joinery, metal working and design. Apportech Industries offers turnkey projects, i.e projects that encompass multiple skills. ACCO is also member of Neopolia St Nazaire cluster. 


Technical expertise and tailor-made solutions: a specialist in marine valves and pipe fittings. ADTS is a French consulting and trading company. 

Surrounded by well-known partners, ADTS guides its customers through the process of designing and finalising their new projects and maintaining their equipment. 

ADTS serves and supplies repair yards, ship owners, fuelers and maintenance companies, guaranteeing a first class service. 

ADTS' strenghts: 

technical expertise and know-how on a wide range of products, 

innovative and up-to-date solutions, 

long-term support and follow-up, 

a personalized comprehensive approach to solve the most diverse and complex problems: qualifications, deadlines, certifications, warranties… 

Ameris France

Since 1994, Ameris services its customers with a global expertise in naval supply chain: sourcing and procurement management, MRO, technical assistance, kitting, co-packing, assembly and international logistics for complex technical environments. 

Thanks to its proprietary database of more than 70,000 parts from 7,000 providers, Ameris procures on-the-shelf and engineered parts to shipyards, ant the defence, offshore energy and transport industries. 

Ameris Group operates across the 5 continents, through its subsidiaries in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Chile, New Zealand & French Polynesia, and a network of more than 20 international representatives. 

Bretagne Pôle Naval

The BPN association has 125 members from the naval, marine renewable energy and offshore oil and gas sectors. 

These three sectors of excellence represent more than 20,000 employees in the Brittany region. 

A creative force, from design engineering to construction and the maintenance of finished units, BPN’s companies form a complete chain of expertise and skills for naval, MRE and oil and gas projects. 

The main goal of BPN is to boost the economic development of companies through it s promotional actions and help to develop their resources and facilities. 

BPN provides complete tailored solutions and can handle the most complex projects in France and abroad. 


CIRANOE, the holding company of Jean-Pierre Le Goff, operates in the maritime field through two subsidiaries: MAURIC, a very well known naval architect and engineering office, and SIBIRIL Technologies, a naval shipyard specialized in 12m to 20m meter long composite boats, with its prestigious professional references such as SNSM and Harbour Pilots. 


The CNIM Group designs and produces turnkey industrial solutions with high technological content and provides research and operational services in the fields of energy, defence, industry and environment. 

The CNIM Marine Systems division covers the following areas: 

Design and construction of specialized vessels with high technological content for civil and military markets 

Design and manufacturing of equipment for eco-friendly ships 

Design and manufacturing of machinery and components for MRE systems. 

d2m Engineering

For more than twenty years, d2m has been a leading French company, specialising in naval architecture for merchant and defence vessels, and also in marine engineering, in services for ship owners and in marine renewable energy systems. This fully independent company provides assistance to ship operators, oil & gas companies and engineering and offshore companies throughout their new build or conversion investment projects. 

The d2m group employs around 90 engineers. In 2012, its turnover amounted to € 12 million and is steadily increasing: d2m provides engineering studies and construction supervision to numerous major international customers through its affiliates and partners. 

d2m works on the initial concept and definition of ships and platforms (forms, stability, structural design, propulsion, marine systems, living quarters, weight reports,...) as well as on classification aspects. d2m is capable of meeting very diverse needs throughout the design and construction stages, and also throughout the ship’s entire life cycle, on maintenance, modifications or conversions. d2m also offers special expertise in safety and security aspects and in operating cost reduction using methods and tools developed internally to bring solutions to ship owners. 

DGA Techniques hydrodynamiques

DGA Hydrodynamics is the test and evaluation center of the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) and specialises in naval hydrodynamics and hydroacoustics, and in the evaluation of the behaviour of ship’s hulls in waves and of submarine trajectories. DGA Hydrodynamics also designs propellers for submarines, surface ships and other equipment, evaluates them and qualifies their designs. The centre uses numerical and high performance model test facilities (B600 and GTH), often unique in their capabilities. DGA Hydrodynamics carries out ship instrumentation for sea trial measurements and for in-service monitoring. 


Supplier of laser measurement instruments dedicated to specific adjustment operations during assembly, installation or maintenance of machines. 


  • Alignment of rotating machines (shafts, shaft line, cardan shaft, half bearings, bearings, etc.) 
  • Machine positioning and setting geometry (straightness, flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, concentricity, etc.) 
  • On-site expertise with acquisition or realignment 
  • Training in al ignment and geomet r ic measurements. 

It applies simplified and optimized alignments to increase the reliability of machines in operation and guarantee the quality of production. 

Fouré Lagadec Marine

In 2003, Fouré Lagadec acquired the business of ACH Engineering and created a Marine Department (FL Marine) in order to pursue a 90 year old tradition. 

A group employing around 2,000 people worldwide, Fouré Lagadec focuses its core activities on industrial metal fabrication and industrial maintenance. Within this group, FL Marine specialises in the design, sale and maintenance of complex assemblies for the shipbuilding industry. 

The Marine Depar tment operates its new construction activity by relying on feedback from the maintenance of existing equipment. 

The varied skills available within the company enable it to provide complete solutions, including pre-project, design, assembly and follow-up of installations, involving all trades. 

Gaztransport et Technigaz

GT T is a French engineer ing company specialising in membrane containment systems for liquefied natural gas (LNG) containment and storage. The three main areas of expertise are LNG carriers, offshore structures and land storage tanks. 

With more than 90% of the on-order world LNG carrier fleet equipped with its technologies, GTT is a recognized world leader. 

Its expertise and ability to innovate to meet customer requirement s and internat ional regulations allow GTT also to provide solutions for the whole LNG chain. As ships turn to greener fuels like LNG, GTT’s time-tested technologies offer designs for vessel fuel tanks, on-shore and off-shore storage, as well as feeders and barges. GTT has a key role in this future development. 

Groupe Hervé

Present in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Marocco for four decades, the diversified and complementary businesses of the HERVE Group are organized around three core activities : Energy Services, Industry and Digital technology, which work together to provide one of the most original and coherent service offers on the market. 

Its naval activities are represented by the companies Chouteau Atlantique, CTL, Métalform, SN-Hydro, Onex which are partners with ship and submarine builders with specialities in hull and structural assembly and fluid networks. These companies also operate in sheet metal working, offshore welding in steel, aluminum and stainless steel, and marine quality bespoke metalworking.

Honeywell Marine

Honeywell Marine is part of Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) and is specialized in the production and sale of precision level measurement systems for marine applications, a market in which it has built a substantial share in recent years. It has a production and service facility in Bourges. Sales are handled and supported by a network of distributors and agents all around the world, together with teams of company’s specialists based in key countries for the marine industry. 

Honeywell Marine SAS offers full automated tank gauging solutions for cargo, ballast and service tanks incl. monitoring of temperature and inert gas. As a proven leader in the marine equipment industr y the company has the capabilit y to offer complete system engineering, equipment, installation, commissioning and support solutions anywhere in the world. 

Type of solutions: 

  • cargo tanks level measurement systems, 
  • safety, overfill and gas detection systems, 
  • wide range of sensors for tank gauging and safety control. 


HydrOcean is a world leader in marine computational fluid dynamics. Through a complete digital towing tank, HydrOcean provides hydro and aerodynamic performance evaluation and optimization services for the marine, offshore, renewable energy and sailing industries. These services provide increased performance and reduce design risks in vessels and marine structures. HydrOcean provides its ser vices worldwide notably through a partnership arrangement with Bureau Veritas. HydrOcean is also distributor of the software, developed in partnership with the Ecole Centrale Nantes. 

Neopolia Marine Solutions

Nepolia Marine is a cluster of 55 companies from the Pays de la Loire region, specialising in shipbuilding and ship repair (aluminium and steel) for commercial development and improvement of performances. This cluster contains highly experienced companies possessing all the technology necessary for the construction of all types of vessels and floating building. 

Neopolia Marine offers a synergy of all skills, recourse to the expertise of specialists, compliance with the constraints of coordination, and overall management of technical and financial projects. For this, the cluster relies on the expert services of a specialised technical and commercial engineer, who works closely with customers in their projects and thereby promotes the development of the member companies. 

Nexter Electronics

Nexter Electronics, a Nexter group subsidiary, is an expert in embedded electronic systems operating in harsh environments. A company with long experience in the design, implementation and operational maintenance of embedded equipment in land defence systems, Nexter Electronics implements a range of innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions developed for system and on-board network control (from solid state power controllers to Safety Integrated Level computers and fuel cell generators). 


Palfinger France

Part of the Vincent Group and leader in the French classic loader cranes market, Palfinger France also handles sales and service (spare parts / on-site support) for Palfinger Marine’s business units such as: 

  • Palfinger Marine [Marine Cranes] 
  • Palfinger Dreggen [Offshore and Marine Cranes] 
  • Palfinger Wind [Wind Cranes] 


  • € 76 million in turnover, 
  • 1,031 cranes sold, 
  • 734 hooklift units sold, 
  • 27 distributors and 85 customer service locations. 

Pal f inger Mar ine is the leading global manufacturer of highly reliable, innovative and customized marine, offshore and wind cranes as well as launch and recovery systems. 

For more than ten years, Palfinger Wind has produced wind cranes for nacelles, platforms and substations/accommodation platforms and is present on the main European wind farms. 

Prüftechnik France

The French subsidiary of international group Prüftechnik AG (world leader in the laser optical alignment industry), Prüftechnik France specialises in preventive maintenance and offers the following services: 

  • shaft alignment and geometrical measurements by laser optical, 
  • propeller shaft torque measurement, 
  • online particle distribution counter monitoring wear debris in oil, 
  • vibration analysis by portable systems or monitoring systems, 
  • vibration analysis by telemonitoring. 


Saft is a world leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry. The Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of nickel batteries and primary lithium batteries for the industrial infrastructure and processes, transportation, civil and military electronics’ markets. Saft is the world leader in space and defence batteries with its Li-ion technologies which are also deployed in the energy storage, transportation, marine and telecommunication network markets. More than 3,800 employees in 18 countries, 14 manufacturing sites and an extensive sales network all contribute to accelerating the Group’s growth for the future. 

Saft's batteries are designed for industry. 

SAMES Technologies

65 years of know-how, innovat ion and customer assistance have given SAMES a solid international reputation for performance and quality in electrostatic spraying. 

SAMES develops and installs automated and robotic application solutions for paint, sealants, thick or fluid products for automotive, general industry, wind, oil, plastic or shipbuilding markets. 

SAMES provides its customers with complete solutions, from pumps to product application systems. 

Each customer is able to match the quality of finish required on its production lines anywhere in the world, thanks to SAMES expertise and support. 

Schottel France

Schottel is an innovative group of companies specializing in the development, design, production and marketing of azimuthing propulsion and manoeuvring systems, as well as complete propulsion systems with power ratings of up to 30 MW for vessels of all sizes and types. 

High product quality and a real commitment to local presence are the hallmarks of its success. A long tradition forms a major part of its corporate culture. 

With a high level of investment in research and development, Schottel optimizes its existing products and implement innovative system solutions. The goal of these activities is to improve still further the efficiency and reliability of all its propulsion and manoeuvring systems – for the benefit of its customers. 

Thanks to close cooperation with shipowners, yards, consultants and internationally renowned independent research establishments, Schottel has been able to achieve this goal consistently. 

Schottel (France) turnover E 1.5 M 

Schottel (Deutschland) turnover E 300 M 

Wenex Equipements

Wenex Equipment i s a representat i v e of equipment manufacturers in the fields of shipbuilding, of fshore, renewable, energy generation and specialized industries. Turnover of E 1.5 M and a staff of four.